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Компания «Промотанк» имеет в своем портфолио ряд успешных кампаний по продвижению, среди которых: 



Campaign to promote the Supervisory Board IPTEK, 2012


Give a new impetus to public discussion of problems in the energy sector by developing and conducting media - campaign for the Initiative of transparency in fuel and energy complex (IPTEK)


PROMOTION WAYS: Questioning, writing of articles for publication, development of visual images, logo and company slogan, development of a website - design and content, promotion of information through media channels.



  • The general public is informed about the activities of the IPTEK Observation Councils and IPTEK secretariat.
  • The increased number of public figures are involved in promotion of the goals, objectives and principles of IPTEK.
  • The influence of the IPTEK Observation Councils on public opinion on important political and economic decisions of state powers in the sphere of fuel and energy sector is increased.




Development of a promotion campaign of the annual international festival of craftsmen “Oimo - 2012"



Positioning of Kyrgyzstan as an attractive tourist country, formulation and communication of a clear positioning of the festival, raising awareness about the festival among the masses, increasing number of visits and encouraging active participation, attracting interest in such cultural activities.


PROMOTION WAYS: Creation of information video and audio clips, printing of ads, placing billboards, SMM - Social Media Marketing. Organization of a round table on "Crafts as a part of the tourism industry of the Kyrgyz Republic", organization of an informative talk show.



  • The wide multi-channel coverage of the event in the media;
  • 130 craft exhibitors from 7 countries;
  • The volume of sales is 7,820 428.57 KGS.




Social campaign aimed at raising awareness among young people about HIV / AIDS and drug use


Raise the awareness of young people aged from 14 up to 24 years of HIV infection and drug use, to promote safe behavior and rejection of injecting drug users, to promote a tolerant attitude towards PLHIV.

PROMOTION WAYS: Creating four images for outdoor and print advertising the same style, development of information and media products with a clear message content drawn from the work with focus groups, creation and broadcasting of 4 social video and audio clips.


  • The wide coverage of HIV issues in the media;
  • Raising public awareness through expanded social campaign.



Promotion of products of “Zhivoe” brand


jivoePivoAdvOBJECTIVE: To promote the product line and increase brand awareness, stimulation of sales


PROMOTION WAYS: Creative radio spots, billboards and promotional items for the purpose of product positioning and brand image building. Quiz program for the purpose of direct interactive communication with the target audience.



  • A significant increase of awareness of the company's products among the masses;
  • The increase in sales by 12% in the conditions of overall decline in previous sales dynamics.




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